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The culinary adventures of an unemployed, recently graduated civil engineer

I have a bunch of pictures uploaded, but I have been too lazy to write. I figure now is as good a time as any to post. Nothing particularly exciting…just a pinwheel with some chicken. I just liked how the pictures turned out really. Good use of leftover roasted chicken.

Fried chicken skin. Delicious and provides a nice crunch. I just threw the skin on a skillet until crispy. The uncrisped skin is on the bottom, fried on top.

Flattened white chicken meat.

Before and after.

The spread for the pinwheel. Some garlic, salt, pepper, sriracha, and sour cream. I think there is sour cream at least…it has been a while.

All mixed up.

And the spread. Flattened, refrigerated, roasted chicken, fried chicken skins, extra shard cheddar, spinach, tomatoes, and caramelized onions. 

Spread, cheese, chicken, tomatoes.

Spinach, onions, chicken skin.

All on a tortilla. I threw the tortilla on a very hot skillet so that tortilla would expand and I could split it in half so it would not be so thick when all rolled up.

Tortilla bandage.

Refrigerated for an hour and then cut up.

Never hurts adding more sriracha and mayo…

I have not posted anything particularly exciting recently, but I figure if I am going to post boring food I’ll post a few items at once. I have potato leek soup, nachos, and biscuits and gravy for this post.

Potato leek soup. I chopped up some leeks and then tossed them around in a pot with some butter. After the leeks have cooked and broken down a little, I added chicken broth and brought it to a boil. Then I turned down the heat, letting it sit at a simmer. Added a cubed potato, covered the pot, and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Added half and half, salt, and pepper to taste and let it simmer some more. Served in a bowl with crumbled bacon and green onions over the top.

Nachos. This was a lengthy process because I went all Alton Brown on them. I laid out all the chips on a baking pan. Then placed a slice of fresh jalapeno on each one with some diced onions on top. Some shredded cheddar cheese followed. One sheet of nachos is never enough so I made four aluminum foil balls and placed them on the pan’s corners. Rested a wire rack on the foil balls and prepared another layer on top.

Once they had their time in the oven, I added diced tomatoes, avocado, and black beans (heated in a pot) on each chip with some sour cream on the side. Every chip had special treatment. Leave no chip behind. 

Biscuits and gravy. A few days ago I made a beef stew with some chuck. I used excess liquid from the stew to develop a gravy. It began with a brown roux (flour and butter) and then I added the stew’s liquid. Cooked down to a consistency of my liking and seasoned (salt and pepper) to taste. Added a fried egg with a runny yolk for extra deliciousness.

I used J.P.’s Big Daddy Biscuit recipe ( subbing shortening with butter. I feel like I could have used more butter but they were plenty rich with the gravy. Butter, jam, or whatever can always be added after the fact anyway. No big deal.

Pretty simple omelette. I only took the pictures because I like shooting food when I have daylight in the kitchen. It’s been rare lately. Seattttttlllleeeeeeeee (I’m shaking my fist vigorously)! It has been a lot better recently though…spring is just around the corner…kinda…not really. Anyway…

Spinach, red onions, feta, and tomato.

A couple eggs with a splash of milk.

I sauteed everything in some butter at medium-high heat. Before I pour the egg in, I turn down the heat a notch or two (nine notch scale) and move all the ingredients to one side of the pan. Next time I’ll make the filling take up 2/5 of the pan instead of 1/2…it ended up breaking in the middle due to lack of real estate. Maybe I needed a third egg…

Folded and broken. What a shame. Didn’t make it any less delicious but you know. I don’t know if I make omelettes like most people but the underside of my omelettes are absolutely hideous looking. The beaten egg just kinda wraps around the chopped onions…and form this onion with egg around it looking gross pattern. Ugh…I’m pretty sure I have trypophobia. I had to look it up and disgust myself. Bleh.

Anyway…I guess I could just remove the ingredients, pour the egg and re-set the ingredients into one side of the egg…that seems like too much effort though.

It might be ever so slightly overcooked based on look (browning of the egg)…but it tasted and felt fine. 

Nothing exciting…I have a bunch of pictures that need to uploaded though…there will be more exciting things soon!

Bread, mayo, pig, pig, mayo, dijon, bread. That is all I wanted. And that is what I got.

Prepping my vegetables and letting my boneless top loin pork chop warm up a little bit so it cooks evenly. You are supposed to do that with beef…I assume it’s the same for all meats. My vegetable selection had a couple unusual guests. First the celery root…just kinda bought it for the hell of it. Green Thai chilis…who doesn’t love chilis? And the green onions…they were just starting to go bad.

Caramelizing onions. Pretty sloppy chop job. I let the onions sweat at a higher heat in some oil and then turned it down to medium-high…let them sit for a couple minutes, just when they begin browning but not burning, and then toss them around. Rinse and repeat until sweet, brown, and jammy. It is easier to manage when caramelizing more onions.

Pork on pork action! Bacon will provide the fat that the top loin lacks. I fried up the bacon first so everything here on out is cooked in bacon fat.

I chopped the celery root thin and fried them up in the bacon fat to provide crunch and a rooty, earthy quality to the sandwich.

Post fry job.

Top loin covered in rosemary, Thai chili peppers, garlic, salt, and pepper. I believe I cooked it at medium-high heat for seven minutes on one side and then six minutes on the other.

Let it be! Let it rest! This is a time for the moisture to set and for the residual heat to distribute amongst the meat and further cook it…I need that time…I tend to undercook anyway.

Maybe I didn’t let it rest enough…

It was still pretty juicy regardless.

Ready to be sandwiched.

Panino roll from Essential Bakery, top pork loin, thick bacon, caramelized onions, fried celery root, green onions, roma tomatoes, spinach, dijon, mayo, mayo, and mayo. I love mayo.

Standing tall and delicious.

It maintained its form throughout its destruction. Pretty satisfying.

Question"The culinary adventures of an unemployed college graduate" = the story of my life. Love the blog! Anwser

Hopefully that will be cured soon…cashflow means more elaborate meals!